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Void Farm

We are proud to announce CosmicSwap as our first partnership.

CosmicSwap : The Galaxy of Yield Farming

They look for a multi-stage sustainability and management plan to ensure that their community has access to a long-term solution to yield farming.

CosmicSwap, unlike other farming, will have a pre-sale, so stay tuned!

Our Partnership

CosmicSwap official links:

🌐 Website:
👩‍💻 Github:
🐤 Twitter:

As you may know this Friday, Pancake will be migrating to new contracts.

You can read more about it here:

This only affects those with LP. So if you don’t have LP you don’t have to do anything.

Those with LP will need to disassemble and reassemble them after the Pancake migration.

This does not affect Vortex. But yes to Universe and the liquidity of VOID-BNB and VOID-BUSD.

We know that there will be people with the new LPs and people still with the old ones. In addition, the liquidity of VOID must be migrated from the previous version to the new one.

For our part on… and were different rugs, but they have something in common, changing contracts at launch. And this is what we are going to talk about in this post.

We will not analyze if they were real rugs or victims or everything related to this, not now. Each case deserves its own article.

So what happened ?


They launched the site but with farming disabled, the native CROCO token was tradeable but the deposits on the pools were not enabled. However, contracts could be approved.

Suddenly, when the farming started (in a certain…

After a lot of hard work by our front-end developer and our graphic designer, our site is now live!

The site is no longer in the testing phase, however the contracts are still being audited, so we have decided to disable the Universe (farms) and Vortex (pools) pages, to avoid any inconvenience, until the official contracts are deployed and linked to the web.

All data displayed on the web is now from our test contracts. All pools were tested correctly, so this will not be a delay to launch.

From now on, it only remains to wait for the audits.

Stay tuned. Cheers!

Official Links:


Telegram Announcements:

Telegram English Chat:

Telegram Spanish Chat:





Absolutely not

A common misconception is that a timelock makes a farming safe.

All current farmings promote having a timelock as if that would provide greater security to the project. And they need to do it because it’s embedded in people that timelock equals security. But this is only half true.

Who handles the funds, and who really matters, is the MasterChef contract.

MasterChef > Timelock

Praise DeFi

With the high fees of the ethereum network, other chains have emerged as an alternative for the no whales.

Among them the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), with its low fees and high transaction speed, has emerged. Providing new tokens, new platforms and new farmings with high APRs / APYs.

But there is no light without darkness. In the DeFi world, most of us are anonymous for a simple reason, we don’t trust people, we trust the code.

The aforementioned factors, especially the low…

Void Farm

The first in a series of farmings, with the aim of creating safe ecosystem through commitment, education and transparency.

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